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Our Team

Instant Notary is the most affordable “while-you-wait” document notarization service in downtown Toronto.

Our offices are easily accessible by subway and by car. We are only a short walking distance from the Queen St. subway station.

By Appointment only at our downtown location. Our team of notaries and commissioners can provide you with our full suite of notary services to address your needs and get you back on your way quickly and efficiently.

Drop by our office, or call us, to answer any of your questions.


While you wait

Notarization of Documents

Notarization of all documents for domestic or international use

Affidavits, Declarations and Statutory Declarations

Affidavits to transfer ownership of vehicles

All other affidavits (i.e. for professional accreditation, court proceedings, insurance claims, etc.)


Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor

Consent to Travel

We will notarize a Consent to Travel form or letter to allow a minor child to travel internationally.

Certification of Copied Documents

We will certify copies of original documents to be true.


All Fees include 13% HST

Administering an Oath by a Commissioner of Oaths

$20.00 (includes HST)

i.e. Declarations for Passport Applications; Letters of Invitation; Motor Vehicle Applications, etc. Each subsequent signature by the commissioner on same occasion $10.00. (Including HST)*.

Administering an Oath by a Notary Public

$30.00 (includes HST)

i.e. Consent to Travel; Certified copies of the original documents. Each subsequent signature by the commissioner $10.00 (Including HST)*.

Certifying a Copy of an Original Document

$30.00 (includes HST)

First copy certified by a notary public for one signature. Each subsequent signature or page certified on same occasion $10.00 (Including HST)

Drafting an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration

$150.00+ (includes HST)

Instant Service if all required documents are produced.

Consent to Travel Document

$75.00 (includes HST)

Preparing and notarization of consent to travel document for a child traveling without one or both parents.

Letter of Invitation

$250.00 (includes HST)

Preparing and notarizing a letter of invitation for the purposes of applying for a Canadian or American visitor’s visa.

*This does not include any signature(s) by a co-declarant. Each individual signing the document will be charged the initial fee, and will then be eligible for the additional $10 per signature rate. If a witness is required, there will be additional fee of $10.


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103 Church Street, Suite 201 Toronto, ON M5C 2G3 Canada

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